Dauber applicator brush, 100% horsehair


This dauber applicator brush works fine for cleaning or polishing. It has a comfortable design for long time use. Its made in Germany of only the finest 100% natural horsehair. Use this for applying boot wax, boot shine, leather wax, and leather conditioner.

Flared design of a concaved handle provides a premium grip that makes using the shoe brush easy, effective, and comfortable. The perfect size of the brush allows for an overall easy grip no matter how big or small your hands are. It has soft bristles, its anti-static, strong water absorption and good cleaning effect.

Effortlessly polish, clean, and buff your leather using the Erwin’s shine brush!
We’ve designed this brush with 100% horsehair bristles that effectively buff, shine, and clean, while being delicate enough to not scratch the leathers surface. The sturdy bristles swiftly dislodge dirt while raising the fibers of the leather leaving you with a beautiful shine!

Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3,5 cm