Preserve your heritage leather goods with regular applications of our all-natural leather balm. This original Dutch blend of natural waxes and pure mineral oils will keep your leather supple and protected from the elements that dry and age leather. Our natural balm consists of the following 4 ingredients: 100% pure pine oil, organic beeswax, almond oil and 100% pure cacao butter.

“We recommend Erwin’s original & all-natural leather balm with beeswax & pine oil for use on boots and shoes, saddlery and tack, handbags, belts, holsters, leather clothing, or older, dry leather luggage or furniture.”


Note: Not for use on suede or leathers with a waterproof finish. If in doubt, first test it! Take also special care when you use the balm on carved or tooled leather and seams. The balm can get stuck and difficult to remove afterward. If this happens though, an (old) toothbrush works great to get the residue out. You can also melt the excess balm with a short blast of a hairdryer. It will drive it into the fibers of your leather.


Gently brush your leather goods with a (old) soft cloth or the special Erwin’s cleaning brush to remove dirt, dust & grim. Make sure your leather goods are both clean and dry.


Next, test a tiny amount of Erwin’s leather balm in an out of sight area or hidden patch of your leather goods to preview results. You will see that a little amount goes a long way especially with the heat of your hands.


Time to start. It’s best to apply and massage Erwin’s into the leather by hand, but if you wish to use a cotton mitt, rag, or a horsehair dauber applicator brush, will work also. Scoop a bit of Erwin’s Leather Balm out with your fingers and massage slightly into your leather goods with a circular motion. The heat from your hand helps the balm get deeper into the leather fibers and it’s also a great conditioner for your own skin.


Before you buff out your leather, you might see some white residue, this is just extra balm on the surface, it will wipe right off. Take a clean flannel polishing cloth or the special Erwin’s horsehair shine brush. Gently rub or buff the leather until the surface has that deep luxurious gleam, is smooth to the touch, and no longer tacky. Ready!


Get a break. Continue with applications until the leather is saturated and does not absorb any more balm. The leather will absorb the natural oils in Erwin’s Leather balm immediately. Some leather may darken slightly but return to a lighter (natural) shade within 24 hours. Again, minimize darkening by making sure you start with a very small amount. For best results, let sit at least an hour or even better, overnight.


Repeat as necessary to nourish, protect and extend the life of your favorite leather goods. For especially dry leather, this entire process could be repeated multiple times.