We don’t believe people exist in isolation; we are connected with our environment. Therefore, sustainability is no passing trend for us. It’s in our DNA and an indispensable part of how we work. We are continuously striving to make Erwin’s even more sustainable, and therefore consider carefully any new steps we take in this light. Because sustainability isn’t something you can just plug into a company. It calls for constant dedication to working as sustainable as possible.

“We don’t cut corners! Many companies sometimes cut corners and that’s something we are determined not want to do at Erwin’s. Our commitment is long-term: how are we currently doing and how could we do better? We regularly talk with other sustainable brands, so we can pool our strengths and learn from one another’s business practices.”



Our balm is made from all-natural ingredients. From 100% pure pine oil, essential mineral oils to organic beeswax.  It’s good for: your leather heritage goods, the environment, your skin and your conscience.

We buy these ingredients to make our original Dutch blend only at local and small business owners. Therefore, we support the local community and the products don’t have to travel. Therefore, reduce transportation and lower our CO2 emission as a company.


We’re a small artisan business and want to keep it that way. Off course we want to grow as a business, but we keep making all our original blends by hand and not outsourcing anything. We want to keep it simple, stupid. Or keep it clean & straightforward. Like a good Dutch habit.


Our commitment to sustainability extends right into the store itself: we ship our products in biodegradable packaging, so we can minimize the environmental impact right through to the end of the chain. We supply shops who sell our products with organic cotton carry bags to give to their customers or pay an additional fee for not Eco-friendly wrappings.

The tins
Our tins consists of recyclable aluminum with Eco-friendly labels (stickers) without plastic laminate printing.

Cardboard with FSC-label
We send our products in recyclable (FSC label) cardboard packaging with fillings. Once you’ve got your products at home. Don’t throw them away with normal garbage but with the recycle paper waste.

We are stringent about the number of magazines and show cards we produce. If we do choose to use paper, its always paper carrying an FSC label (sustainable sourced paper).


As a shop owner, we receive lots of products from our suppliers. Mainly in cardboard boxes. We wondered what to do with these boxes? Just throw it away? Or can we still reuse them for shipping and would our customers appreciate this? We believe so and that’s why we decide to reuse all undamaged boxes which is environmentally friendly and sustainable in order to relieve the environment and our garbage man.

It is therefore possible that your items are delivered in a box that has already been used. Of course we make sure we only use undamaged and unbranded boxes & packaging materials, so you don’t notice this at all!